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Moonton, the developer of the popular mobile game Mobile Legends, is always open to feedback from its players and seeks to give the greatest experience possible. They recently revealed that the ultimate result of the Yin x Yuji Itadori collaborative skin with Jujutsu Kaisen will be changed and Sukuna will be coming to Mobile Legends.

This decision was made in response to several player complaints that the ultimate consequence of Yuji’s skill did not include Sukuna. The old ultimate effect just showed a Sukuna icon above Yin x Yuji’s head, which disappointed players and sparked protests.

The update for the ultimate effect was leaked by the YouTube channel Hororo Chan, and other Instagram leakers also posted about it. Hororo Chan’s video shows a substantial change in Yin x Yuji Itadori’s ultimate skill. First, we just saw Yuji, but after the shift, we see the figure of Sukuna’s soul dressed in Yuji’s uniform.

With the outpouring of support for the ultimate skill effect of Yin x Yuji Itadori in the Mobile Legends x Jujutsu Kaisen partnership, this update is expected to be implemented soon on the original server, and Sukuna will be coming to the game.

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