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A decade ago, Samsung was a powerhouse in China, but by 2023, its market share had dwindled to around 2%. TM Roh, the head of Samsung’s mobile division, is determined to reclaim lost ground. It seems that it is beginning to show especially on the AI Features that Samsung recently implements on their Galaxy for its Chinese market.

In a recent statement to reporters, he shared, “We’re trying hard to connect with Chinese consumers by offering products tailored to the Chinese market. We’re seeing some positive results step by step.”

One notable change is the focus on more suitable software, including new AI features. Interestingly, in China, where Google services are absent on Android phones, Samsung has opted for Baidu’s “Ernie” model to power translation, summarization, and generation functions. This shift is somewhat unexpected, given that globally, these functions are typically handled by Google’s Gemini Pro.

Despite the absence of Google services in China, Samsung is doubling down on AI for its latest flagship, the Galaxy S24 series. Surprisingly, the AI features for the Chinese market seem to mirror those offered globally. Users can even circle an item to initiate a web search, a feature previously associated with Google.

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As per a Samsung statement covered by CNBC, the enhanced Samsung Note Assistant now incorporates Ernie’s comprehension and generation capabilities. This upgraded feature allows users to effortlessly translate and condense lengthy content into well-organized formats with just a click, simplifying the management of extensive text.

Samsung’s strategic move to integrate AI features tailored for the Chinese market showcases its commitment to reconnecting with consumers and adapting to regional preferences. As the results unfold, it remains to be seen whether these efforts will help Samsung regain its once-dominant position in China.

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