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Diamond is the premium currency of the Moonton Mobile Legends game, and it is typically used to purchase skins within the game. You can get diamond by playing the game. Players of Mobile Legends who use their credit cards to make purchases need to exercise extreme caution. The reason for this is that Mobile Legends recently charged an additional amount to a player who was purchasing Diamonds in the game.

Recently, a Reddit user by the name of u/dudewhohides published a post in which he explain negative experience he had while making a credit card purchase of diamonds for Mobile Legends. He said that when he purchased diamonds, Mobile Legends charges extra to his bank account. Since he was unhappy about this, he contacted Customer Service for Mobile Legends, which eventually linked him up with GM Esther.

bank account getting charged extra and in-game support is no help from MobileLegendsGame

After explaining what had happened to him, Esther stated that he lacked the authority to handle diamond cases or problems and instead ordered players to purchase additional diamonds to bring their totals up to par. What’s more, Esther, who became Customer Service in the Mobile Legends game, mocked players by giving candy emoticons to players who reported bugs and thanked players for their support and understanding.

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Feeling annoyed u/dudewhohides immediately made a post on Reddit to complain about the customer service system from Mobile Legends. Well, what do you think? Have you ever had an unpleasant incident? If so, did you get your money back?

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