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Vexana was considered one of the heroes who were not overpowered in the previous revamp. Interestingly enough only the undead mage Vexana appears to be insignificant in the Rise of Necrokeep revamp update.

Leomord has the OP ability to kill his opponents, Faramis has the fountain hook bug, and Vexana has death to all of her users. This might be what motivates Moonton to finally grant a buff that will make Vexana’s Ultimate even more powerful in the future.

This buff provides several increased effects on Vexana’s ultimate skill, where the damage given by the Undead Knight will be increased more. In the update that has been released on the Advance server, players will get an increase in damage from Undead Knight based on the opponent’s max hp, interestingly, Undead Knight also gets an increase in movement speed and attack speed so that they can do more painful attacks on the upcoming Original server update.

Because the Undead Knight itself or the ultimate Vexana is used only to provide a CC effect in a large AOE as an entry to start the war. After that, the ultimate is not very useful anymore, but what do you think?

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