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Xavier and Julian often dominate the MOBA Mobile legends game as several mage/fighter heroes who are quite OP. These two heroes are quite deadly with high damage abilities. Starting from Xavier with his global skills, and Julian with the annoying CC effect ability. But in the update, both of them will get a nerf big enough to overcome Julian and Xavier’s ability to be too OP.

Julian and Xavier Get Pretty OP Nerf in Mobile Legends!

Julian Xavier Nerfs Mobile Legends

Xavier’s CC effect and damage from the hero mage will be reduced in the future. From reducing the immobilised effect of the combination of skill 2 and skill 1 from 1.5 to 1.2 to nerfing ultimate damage in the early and mid-game from 750-1150+162% Magic Power to 700-1000 + 150% Magic Power.

Julian Xavier Nerfs Mobile Legends

Finally, Julian’s damage for skills 1 and 3 was reduced. Skill 1’s initial damage of 100-240 is reduced to 100-220, and skill 3’s initial damage of 300-450 is reduced to 250-400.

The OP enough nerf will certainly reduce the ability of the two heroes to be aggressive in the MOBA Mobile game, but what do you think? Will this nerf have a severe enough effect in the game?

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